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Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Birthday Can Suck it

Sunday, October 10, 2010 By

The month of October used to be my favorite month. The weather is awesome. Baseball playoffs. Oktoberfest and camping in Helen. Halloween. But lately, I've been thinking I should choose a new favorite month.

  • Two years ago, my husband was released from University Hospital on Oct. 9 after a month-long battle with TTP.
  • One year ago, my daughter was attacked on Oct. 9 by our neighbor's idiot pit bull, but treated at the awesome MCG Children's Medical Center.
  • This year, I spent five days in the hospital at MCG with a severe migraine and unexplained swelling of my brain, then bedridden with a "spinal headache" as the result of a lumbar puncture, before being released on Oct. 9.
Did I mention that my birthday is today, Oct. 10?

I'm not sure if these events have been gifts - after all, everyone has been healthy again by Oct. 10 - or warnings. But I'm going to move my birthday to a new date. I will be taking suggestions. But my mother will have final say. It's only fair.

And next year, Scott, Emerson, and I will be out of town during the week leading up to my former birthday. But we'll remain in the U.S., Canada, or Western Europe. Because it seems we should be somewhere with access to excellent health care.


  1. Cary McGowen10/10/2010 6:44 AM

    Use this day as a celebration day that everyone is well. It can be an early Thanksgiving. It was an early Thanksgiving day for me 37 years ago when I said, "Thank God, She's finally here!"

  2. Um, didn't you then spend a week in bed with a spinal headache? Do you SEE how the pattern began IMMEDIATELY?

  3. My nightmare month year after year has become JULY (also formerly my favorite month). Maybe we should consult a good ass-trologer or witch doctor ....or memory eraser, before our cursed month comes 'round again.