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Monday, July 07, 2003

Stupid Exchange of the Day

I'm not new to serving. I've been serving and bartending for four years. I was a trainer at my last place of employment. At this restaurant, however, I am regarded as an idiot simply because I am new. Thus I get a lot of redundant directions that end with me insisting: "Yes, I've already done that. No, everything is fine."

Me, to HottieLineCook: Can I get an extra side of house dressing?
CrabbyServer (with a sigh): Look, here's your salad, here's your chicken wings, and here's the nachos. What's the problem?
Me: The salad still needs extra dressing.
CrabbyServer (rolling her eyes): Can I get an extra side of house dressing?
HottieLineCook: How many do you really need? She already called back one.
CrabbyServer (even crabbier): Why didn't you tell me that?
Me (picking up dirty plates and walking away): I'll just let you handle this.


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