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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Check, please

I just started at a new restaurant, and let me tell you how demeaning it is to be trained by a 19-year-old fellow server who announces brightly that she's been "with the company" for 6 months, and is hoping for an exciting career - forever.

Trainer: Also, we don't serve our coffee on saucers here.
(I start to leave with it anyway, 'cause now it's already dirty)
Trainer: No, really, put it back.
Trainer (stopping me again): And they only get one creamer.
Me: They'll want more.
(four years of serving and bartending taught me never to bring out only one creamer)
Trainer: Well, how do you KNOW they'll want more?
Me: Nevermind. One creamer. Got it.
Trainer: Can you remember that?
Me: Of course. (Am I cross-eyed and drooling?)


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