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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Book Review: Lydia vs. the Zombies

Tuesday, September 09, 2014 By

AUGUSTA, GA. - I am bursting with pride. Just last weekend, my little nerdling became a full-grown nerd. Yes, Emerson bought her first comic books.

She chose Adventure Time and Regular Show comics over the My Little Pony comics she had been planning to buy... although she'd have bought them all if I'd have been willing to fork over another $20. But a budget is a budget, and I'm trying to teach her to stick to one.

But in the $1 bin, R.H. discovered this little-known gem: Lydia vs. the Zombies.

OF COURSE I was going to buy it. Have you never met me?

In the book, little Lydia is accidentally abandoned by her parents, and forced to deal with the zombie apocalypse. She is resourceful and hilarious, and the art and story perfectly meld in this comic charmer.

Okay, I'm not really here to review this book. I am just here to tell you that this book is awesome. It had two adults and one child giggling, and wanting more.

Emerson's favorite part was this ode to her My Little Pony obsession.

Unfortunately, only one issue was printed.

Fortunately - for Emerson, not for the rest of the world - that would not stand with me. This thing was too cute not to attract a devoted following. So I set out to find out more.

Fun Publications is the publisher. They run the Transformers Collectors Club and G.I. Joe Collectors Club under license from Hasbro. Besides releasing comics, Fun Publications releases exclusive toys and runs conventions for their clubs. But their website is woefully underdeveloped, and all I could do was send a message through their generic contact form.

After a week of waiting, I set out to find another resource. I searched for the artists and authors, but they didn't come up on anyone's web pages. No professional portfolios, no convention appearances, nothing. Finally, I turned to Twitter, and found someone who matched one of the artist/author's names: Jesse Wittenrich.

Was it the same person? Seemed to be, from the description. But on Twitter, that means nothing. You can tweet God on Twitter. You can have a conversation with Shakespeare. And King Henry VIII gives out life advice.

But I sent along what I hoped was a polite inquiry, and hoped I wasn't bothering him on his day off. Or... at all, really.

It took just four minutes for him to reply.

So, there you have it. An adorable little story, which will soon have a sequel. For a short, cute giggle, I recommend it.


  1. You're welcome, blogophiles.

  2. Hey Stacey, this is Rob the creator of LVZ! I'm so glad you and your daughter found and enjoyed my little book. Reading this made my day!

    LVZ was a true labor of love and I miss working on it very much! There were plans to do a 6 issue story arc and much of it was written, sadly it was not be. I still hope to bring it back some day... Lydia is ready for more monster fighting adventures!

    Thanks again!

    1. Rob - How sweet of you to send your note! I am so flattered that you would post a comment on my little blog!

      We are definitely fans, and will keep an eye out for more. In the meantime, I might just frame what we have. I'd hate to lose it!

      Best of luck in all you do, Rob!