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Friday, March 11, 2011

Kiddie kapers

Friday, March 11, 2011 By

Emmie made a series of mistakes today that earned her a red face at school. This is not acceptable, and it means she loses privileges. No TV, no computer, no Wii. She ate dinner, did her homework, bathed, got ready for bed, and then we read a story. She really wanted to watch "Harry Potter," and I wouldn't let her.

"Mama? I'm goeend ta get my priviledgeth back tomorrow?" She lisped, her two front teeth having come out over the weekend. She was flipping through a big storybook in the bed beside me.

"If you get a green face," I answered, turning the page of my book.

"What if I get a yellow fathe?" She asked.

"Then you'll lose some privileges, but not all," I answered.

"Leth keep thith thimple," she lisped, flipping her story book pages as though chatting about the weather. "If I get a green fathe, I looth no privilegeth. If I get a yellow fathe, I looth one privilege. If I get a red fathe, I looth all privilegeth."

I stared at her in amazement. She was asking to standardize our system of punishment for poor behavior - to codify it.

"That... that is simpler," I stammered. She nodded without looking up.

"Um, well, how about I bring your suggestion to Daddy, and we'll decide together, tomorrow."

"Okay," she agreed, decisively. Then she laid down her book, closed her eyes, and instantly fell asleep.


  1. Is it fun or scary to have such a smart child? ;-)

  2. Both. I have to up my game and stay ahead of her diabolical plans.

  3. Wow, and as a mom & former "certified genius" child I admire you so much for that response!! It may seem like a small thing but so often the reaction to such statements is nowhere near that productive! Bravo, Stacey! Your little lady is lucky to have y'all!!

  4. Ha. You are too kind. No, really, because what I didn't post was the story about me hollering at her to move her bloomin' arse the other morning. "You are going to school with a stinky butt if you don't get in this shower right now, young lady!"