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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Conversations about inappropriate things

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 By

My friend and I are discussing some emotional stuff, and she offers some words of wisdom.

M.S. (concluding a beautiful and insightful thought): "... sometimes it is the dream that we hold onto when the reality is steadily kicking the shit out of us."

Me: "Wait, are you quoting lyrics from 'Rent?'"

M.S.: "Um, no, but I can - LOL! I played Mimi in college."

Me: "Oh, no, that last line isn't a song lyric. Although, I'd love to see someone rhyme 'steadily kicking the shit out of us.'"

M.S.: "We can do a new musical!"

Me: "That would work perfectly in the zombie musical I'm writing in my head, with such hit songs as 'I am Zombie, Hear Me Roar,' and lyrics like, 'Steadily kicking the shit out of us, older zombies they got more pus.' Le Chat Noir would stage it."

M.S.: "Yeah, but the choreography would be a little stiff."


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