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Friday, March 18, 2011

Job Hunt Strategy

Friday, March 18, 2011 By

So, as many know, some friends of mine just lost their jobs. It's crazy. But some of them have already been very fortunate in their job hunt...

A.W.: I think I got the job!
Me: Yay!
A.W.: And it's full-time, not part-time, like I thought.
Me: That's great!
A.W.: If I get the job, will you have lunch with me in the student center? :-)
Me: Of course! And maybe the temporary job will turn permanent.
A.W.: Yeah, that's what I'm hoping. But in the meantime, it will give me a chance to hone my admin skills, to add to my being awesome skills.
Me: LOL! 'Being awesome skills'! I'm going to add that to my resume's skills section. Proficiencies: Adobe Creative Suite, AP Style and grammar, training techniques, media sales, and being awesome.


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