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Monday, January 05, 2004

Reading Comprehension Lessons

Long, long ago in a restaurant far, far away...

Me: Now that those entree dishes are out of the way, can I offer you folks some dessert?
Man (this guy has more platinum on his teeth than any rap mogul you've ever seen): Yee-ah. Could you bring us some, uh, could you bring us some, uh.. uhh.. skrawberry limousine. Yee-ah.
Me (SKRAWberry? limouSINE?): Sure! One piece of Strawberry Limone coming right up.
Platinum Man (grabbing my arm as I turn to walk away. Word to the wise: Don't touch your server. Yo.): Naw, man. We want the skrawberry limousine.
Me (yanking my arm out of his grasp, much to his surprise): I'm sorry, sir. You'll have to show me what you're talking about.
PMan (showing me the table tent): Right thurr.
Me (smiling in what I hope is a friendly, not a condescending manner): Oh, see, you had me all confused! Yeah, that's pronounced "Strawberry Limone." I'll have a piece out in a sec.
PMan (insistent): Well, my friend said it was skrawberry limousine.

What, do I not work here?

Me: Oh, well, see, there's no "s" in the word.
PMan (looking at me like I'm stupid): But it's Freeeench.

Yeah, dude. That's how that works. At an Italian restaurant.


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