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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Drawing questionable conclusions

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 By

I tend to shy away from religious discussions. I was raised Presbyterian, which is a quiet, non-charismatic faith sometimes joked about as "The Frozen Chosen." Displays of fervor make me feel uncomfortable.

But this is an overwhelmingly Baptist area, so I have grown accustomed to such displays - although only slightly more adept at dealing with them without clutching my chest and swooning.

I wasn't prepared for how this would impact Emerson. Scott's family is mostly Baptist, and they're very strong in their faith. I suppose they discuss it with her a great deal, because she's always very interested and vocal about Jesus when she returns from spending time with them. This is not a bad thing; but without regular tutelage, some things get twisted in a 6-year-old's mind.

The other night we were reading a book called, "What Should I Be?" In it, a little princess goes from adviser to adviser, asking the best way to be when she grows up. Her mother, the queen, wants her to be kind. The admiral tells her to be a strong swimmer. The prime minister says she should be clever. The maid says the choice is up to her. The princess just wants to be tall. Her little brother thinks she already is. It makes the point that the best qualities are a matter of perspective.

"I fink we should choose good choices, so we can be whatever we want to be," Emmie said, when we were discussing the book's message.

"I think that's lovely," I said.

"But I already know the best way to be," she said, with frightening intensity.

"Oh? How?" I asked.

"Dead," she said, with utter sincerity.


"And why is that?" I asked, cautiously.

"Because! Den you get to be wif God up der in heaven!"

I made a note to spend more time on faith. Methinks something got lost in translation.


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