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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Just Loving My Doodlebug

Wednesday, February 03, 2010 By

Augusta, Ga. - I got home on time last night (for once). Emmie and I cooked a curry (see previous entry), and she was just SO sweet. She pulled her chair up beside me as I was cubing chicken, and climbed up beside me with her little plastic knife.

"Whatcha doing, Em?"
"I'm helping!" she answered, happily, and then she attacked and mangled a red potato.

We chopped (and mangled) all the vegetables. And then, under supervision, she browned the chicken, poured in the ingredients for and stirred and simmered the sauce, and set the table.

We poured orange juice for everyone, then she served our plates at the table with delicate little scoops of curry. She served herself chicken - AND BROCCOLI with no prompting!

She beamed, proud that - except for chopping - she cooked dinner and served it. Of course, cleaning fell mostly to me. But she helped with that, too... a little. And before I put the leftovers in the fridge, she just had to have two more bites.

Then we took a bath, read books, and snuggled until she fell asleep. It wasn't a big, special day; but it was a little, special day, with lots of wonderful, sweet moments with my newly-turned five-year-old. I am so proud to be her mom!

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