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Monday, June 04, 2012

Court in Juky

Monday, June 04, 2012 By

I sent my friend, a family law attorney, a Fandango gift certificate. She is awesome, and she and her husband deserve some kind of date night.

Mary Anne: "Holy crap, woman! Thank you, but what was this for?" she texted me.

Me: "For not telling me to shut the eff up every time I freak out about custody proceedings. And then telling me to shut the eff up when I need to hear it. Also, I watched a 'Law & Order' marathon today, so I'm TOTALLY READY for court in Juky."

Me: "I mean, July. Although Court in Juky would be an interesting band name.

Mary Anne: "Court in Juky could have hits like 'No No Briscoe' and 'McCoy and Schiff Blues.'"

Me: "OMG, that's awesome. Imma let you finish, Kanye, but Court in Juky is the best novelty act of all time! Of all time!"

Mary Anne: "CIJ 4 LIFE."

Me: "Word."

Oh, look: There's someone named Juky on the Internet. But is Juky in COURT? Or, more pertinently, is court in HER? I didn't think so. CIJ 4 LIFE, homieez.


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