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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

How Did I Get Here?

Scott - having now moved in with me keep up, people! - cooked an excellent dinner of salmon, collard greens, black-eyed peas, and crab salad on toasted pita bread. I haven't eaten in two days - strep throat, again - and I'm starving. It's a wonderful dinner, and Scott has taken good care of me the last two days. We are sitting on the couch afterwards. We talk about our days. In a race between John and me to get rid of our inventory at the gift shop, I sold the last two shoe bags. I am the winner, and I took a joking shot of the shoe bag walking out the door, printed it at 8 x 10 size, and wrote on it: "John, thanks for the memories, XOXO, Love, Baggie."

Scott (laughs, and then): I'm falling in love with you.
Me: Are you sure about this?
Scott: Well, let me think about it.... YES.
Me: Well, that's very nice to hear, and I appreciate it.

There is some talk about why he might change his mind sometime in the future - my faults, etc. - and he laughs them all off. Suddenly...

Scott: Will you marry me?
Me (grinning): Mmmhmm.
Scott: Really?
He looks extremely happy. Deleriously happy. I stumble, mentally... Wait. Um...
Me: Wait. Are you serious?
Scott: Yes!
Me: Well, then, I'll have to ask you to give me time to think about it.
Scott (not so happy, now): Okay, then.
Me: I'm just not one to move quickly on these things.
Scott: Okay. I just feel like I've found my soulmate.
Me: It is very natural and easy to be with you.
Scott: It is.
Me: I've been proposed to before.
Scott: I'm sure you have.
Me: I had to turn them all down.
Scott (nodding): But you'll think about marrying me?
Me: Of course.

I know that it is supremely ungrateful to complain about being loved. So, I guess that makes me supremely ungrateful. But we've been dating such a short time...

But we have known each other for a while, and we've always been able to speak without fear.

Love... marriage... kids... wow. But with Scott, I'll still give it serious consideration.


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